Letting Ourselves Off the Hook


We can all be too hard on ourselves at times. It is often easier to be compassionate toward others than it is to cut ourselves a little slack. So, how do we quiet the critical voice inside of us?

Why Boredom Makes Us Eat

junk food

We’ve all done it. Whenever we feel the need to break the monotony or get away from some tedious task, we look for satisfaction in food. But what really causes us to eat when we are bored?

Why Were These Books Banned?

Any time of year is a good time to think about freedom of expression and the right to read whatever we choose. Banned Books Week happens in September. In the mean time, find out why some of our classics were banned…


The Darker Themes of H.P. Lovecraft


Cthulhu sketch by H.P. Lovecraft

The chilling tales of H.P. Lovecraft have influenced writers of horror, science fiction, and fantasy for nearly a century. Movies, comics, and books from pulp to the most scholarly continue to feel his shadowy presence, and a new annotated collection offers contemporary readers an opportunity to explore the even daker sides of Lovecraft’s work.

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

Director John Carpenter is renowned as a filmmaker, having delivered such chilling classics as The Thing and Halloween. What is less known is that he is also a composer, and he has just released his first album of haunting tracks called Lost Themes.

Brown Study: When Brown Equaled Blue in Literature

I fell into a brown study, illustration by Sidney Paget for Arthur Conan Doyle's “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”, 1893

I fell into a brown study, illustration by Sidney Paget for Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”, 1893

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase brown study? A sort of melancholy state, brown study has a long tradition in literature, from Louisa May Alcott to Charles Dickens and even Arthur Conan Doyle.