How Virtual Bodyswapping Can Undo Prejudice

What if you could change bodies with someone else? What if you looked in a mirror or a computer screen and saw someone else’s face but began to feel it was your own? Using methods and tests of illusion and sensoral association, researchers have discovered that virtual bodyswapping can have strong and lasting effects. In this way, changing our perceptions of ourselves could also change our attitudes toward others and maybe even reduce hardwired negative tendencies like racial bias.

The US Constitution: Sacred or Frozen in Time?


Since the United States Constitution was written in the 18th century, a lot has changed in America…obviously. However, even with the twenty-seven amendments to the 1787 version, the original is still considered the sacred core of the government. Should the Constitution remain fixed or be treated more as a living document in the 21st century?

New Telomere Research Could Reverse Aging

chromosomes and telomeresTelomeres are parts of chromosomes that contain human genomes. Their length changes over time and is an important marker for our health and how we age. Now, researchers have found a way to use protein to extend the telomeres, possibly reversing the aging clock.

Cities Without Cars


Traffic poses a major problem for urban areas all over the world. So, what are Madrid, Paris, Chengdu, Hamburg, and other major cities doing about congestion, pollution, and other automobile related maladies? Getting rid of the cars of course.

Cervantes’s Casket Uncovered in Spain

CervantesMiguel de Cervantes died in 1616, and due to some mishap or other his grave was left unmarked. For centuries, scholars have been trying to locate the great author of Don Quixote without success. Recently, however, Spanish archaeologists have found a grave with a casket bearing what appears to be his initials.

Tax Time Tolerance

tax form

Income taxes have always been complicated, and recent changes, such as the Affordable Care Act, have added another layer to the process. Knowing what to expect and tempering the frustration with a little patience will go a long way this tax season.

Chaucer’s Dreary Digs

ChaucerIt is easy to romanticize what the working life of the father of English verse might have been like, but the 14th century world in which Chaucer lived and wrote The Canterbury Tales was no idyllic fairy tale.

Chipping Away at Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is massive in the United States, and graduates from both public and private institutions can be burdened with payments for decades. This makes it difficult for young adults who are trying to build a career and find financial security for themselves. Over the past decade and a half, however, new student loan legislation has been quietly pushed through which has had a dramatic, positive effect on those who have finished their education, as well as those planning for it.

SkyMall’s Empty Pockets

Anyone who has been on an airplane in recent decades has seen its familiar, crumpled pages sticking out of the seat pocket in front of them. Shamelessly trying to sell you things you never knew you needed and often absurdly entertaining, SkyMall In-Flight Catalog was along for the ride whether you liked it or not.

Just How Are Humans Unique?

fingerprintSorting out what makes us different from other animals can be a complicated task. It seems that there is much more to it than just the molecular and biological elements that give us form. From the varying aspects of our behavior, to our imaginations and social evolution…what makes us unique?